Reducing vertical spacing between blocs

I’m trying to reduce the space that’s outlined in the red area below. I’ve tried playing with the row alignment and turned off gutters but it’s still like Siberia in between.

I’m having the same issue between every Bloc.

Since I’m a new user it won’t let me put the settings image in my post. :frowning: But I have it top aligned and gutters are turned off.

I think its the padding on the bloc (but I’m also a new user so can’t guarantee!!)

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It would be helpful to see the activated row in order to have a better idea of your issue.
Plus a screenshot of relating panel (which shows the number of columns as well ).

To me it seems that the use of the grid might be a reason as well.
Blocs 3 uses Bootstrap 4. So if your top row is a 3 column row, each should have 4 “grids” if you want to have them equal.

Hope that helps also a bit

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Click on the row and then press the shift key to bring forward the grab handles for freehand margins. Drag those as required at each breakpoint and then set padding in the side panel to none. Your spacing is now controlled by the freehand custom class.

There are variations on this, such as doing the same thing from a paragraph or header, but once you understand the basic idea you will see that Blocs has powerful spacing options. I tend to leave the padding in place while making the early changes, because it provides working space. Later on I set them to none and rely on these hand dragged custom classes, not least because 100px looks very different on desktop than it does on mobile.

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start with Fabrica’s suggestion…as this controls the padding for each individual bloc…just be sure you have selected the full bloc in the layer tree side bar…then if you need more adjustments, use the Freehand controls on the specific element you want to add space for…and notice that this automatically creates a Custom Class in the Classes box on the right side bar, which you can then rename and adjust further in the Class Editor when you click the class name in the Classes box.

I got it to work via what Flashman said. Thanks!!

But I am curious why I’m not seeing padding like Fabrica is indicating.

Here’s a pic with all of the info (layers and settings).
I don’t see any place to adjust padding regardless of whether I’ve selected the image itself, the column its in, the row it’s in, or the enclosing container. :frowning:

Super annoying it will only let me add one image at a time. I will show the row settings in another post.

Row settings still don’t show padding.

To set padding for each separate BLOC, you use the sidebar APPEARANCE setting when the BLOC is selected.