Registration - Locked Page - Payment Portal - Client Access

Hi all,

Wasn’t sure how to create a title for the post! so decided to list all I am after.

I have and continue to use the brilliant SiteLok which gives me great registration for users to log in for live events where a page is locked from general use - Adrian and SiteLok is just fantastic with his support.

This week I have had a request for a live event where the client wants users to register, and then have a payment portal for tickets by using both Stripe or Paypal as the option of payment. Then on paying they get an approved with their username and password for the live stream (and this can only be logged in once during the event so they can not share this to friends)

The user wants access to a client friendly back end so they can see who has joined and paid and in what payment gateway.

Now with SiteLok yes this can work with Stripe and Paypal - but there is no safe back end way for the client to log in to check. It has to be safe where they can not mess and just see what they have sold etc.

Would my only option with Blocs be to create this in Blocs and bring this into Wordpress and then buy a plugin which I am sure there are many!

The event is for a company who have over 1.5 million followers, and the estimated guest numbers is from 5,000 - 20,000

Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure if any of the wordpress guru’s on here would know: @brechtryckaert etc…cheers

Thanks all.