Remember your VERTICAL SCROLL POSITION on the page

I use the left sidebar frequently to switch between pages, and it would be a huge time saver if Blocs would remember the exact vertical position I was scrolled to on a given page, such that I could switch to another page and then switch back, and Blocs would display the same scroll position I was at prior to page switching.

Furthermore, the document should remember that page position. That way I can save, close the document, then re-open the document, and not only will it show me the last page I was working on (which Blocs does now), but it will also open to the exact vertical position on the page I was previously working on.

Right now, regardless of your vertical scroll position on the page, if you switch to another page and then back again (or close and reopen the document), Blocs always display the TOP of the page. That forces you to scroll over and over again when you switch pages, and when you switch a lot like me, it eats a lot of time unnecessarily. And having the document open to the last vertical position also refreshes your memory as to the content you had been working on previously.

It could be that some people may not like this feature, and if that is true, then adding a checkbox setting to enable or disable it would be the solution to those potential gripes.