Remove arrows in nav bar

hi & hello,

is it possible to get rid of the arrows in the nav bar?

thank you

Hey @geewee,

Add the following class to the class manager. Then in the position tab, set the display to none.



super. thanks a lot!
have a very nice day!

Hm, that does not work on the mobile navigation though. At least not for me.

Hey @pumpkin

Works for me, have you got a different display property set on the mobile breakpoint ?

What do you mean? I use the fullscreen nav for mobile. Is that the problem? Besides… removing that class doesn’t show the arrows again :no_mouth:

You removed the


Class and the arrows are not showing?? You must have some other custom classes is play here?

Hi @pumpkin, please provide a link for us to inspect and to help your further.

There you go. All I did was adding the class, which didn’t show the arrows, but also didn’t show the Dropdown items when clicking. Removing the class didn’t change it back.

When inspecting the page the class is still there.

It’s definitely not in my Class Editor.

That sounds like a bug then and screams for the developer. @Norm ! Need yar help :grin: