Remove the shadow on a sticky nav

How do you remove the shadow that appears on a sticky nav when you scroll! it is doing my head in!!!

Why is this an automatic feature?

I’ve tried adding a class and there is no box shadow applied.

The class name should be .sticky-nav.sticky

Add a box shadow, and alter it to be invisible.

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I can’t get this to work,

it’s weird?

It also changes the name of the class? I put .sticky-nav.sticky and it changes it to .-sticky-nav-sticky WTF! Still no change with Class applied?

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 10.28.34 AM

This is an older video, but the process is still the same. The important part for you starts at about 4 minute mark

I think it was my site, I ditched it and started again and it has worked :slight_smile: thanks for helping me sort it out just wish I didn’t waste an entire morning try to figure out something this basic :slight_smile: Cheers Ray

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I’ve reported this before with class name changes, blocs is doing something weird with the sanitising. It kills underscores as well, which is a common selector naming convention.

If you just deleted that class then add another one it would have worked. If you already had a lot of styling setup then it just sucks. :joy:

Please report it though, so it can hopefully be addressed.