Request: Fill added to the Class Manager for inline svg



In the Class Manager there’s:

background-color, color and border-color

But if using inline svg we need to use “fill” to change color on paths.

Like in this example

We can manually add this css in the Page Settings but it would be so much easier to be able to style these svg’s direct in the CM and to see the changes without having to Preview.

It would also be fantastic to be able to to create a custom class direct in the CM and just get a box to enter your own special css there and have it available globally without having to use a separate css file.


I hear you!

Class editor is getter a complete redesign early next year, I’ll be added a boat load of css rule support!


There is a boat load which are absent, so this is really great to hear. :wink:





I’m not promising everything but yeah a lot more is coming.



Well, I didn’t figure you would include the full specification including working draft, candidate, proposed, etc. But there is still as you say a boat load of basic things you can still add. So its good news that you are indeed expanding things.