Reset spacing

I am struggling with the spacing feature. If I set some spacing on an element, and then decide I want to reset it later, clicking in the “X” has no effect - the spacing is not reset.

Clicking on “0” is not the same as resetting. For example on columns: setting the spacing to “0” removes the default bootstrap padding.

So I’m kind of wondering what exactly the “X” is good for. (?)

Screenshot 2024-03-26 um 10.56.15


X is default before anything is applied. So if you have a column added as default you have padding on left and right. If you select zero, then this removes the padding, if I added 1 that would increase the default padding. If I click X, it resets to default, which is small padding.

The top and bottom of the column have no padding as default, if i select zero, it stays the same, (zero padding), if I press X it remains as default, no padding.

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I think the confusing thing with the spacing options is it doesn’t reflect any existing margins or padding on a selected element.

The spacing options add the bootstrap utility classes eg. .ms-2 which is correct.

But a lot of elements already have margin and padding applied as part of Bootstrap.

Other apps will reflect that styling in their side panel options, when an element is selected. It’s good UX.

I also feel uncomfortable with this spacing setting. I think it’s frustrating that the spacing changes when the version changes, and sometimes I can’t reset it, leaving it unable to be set to the same spacing as other images. It’s unavoidable, so I have no choice but to reinstall the images. It’s an unstable element that I’ve experienced many times before. This app always imposes unnecessary time constraints.

I’ve not experience those issues @sifrec. It’s worked as intended for me.

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I’ve experienced such a situation many times, so recently I’ve started not using “space” as much as possible.

What do you mean by this?

Sorry, but clicking X does not reset for me. I can make a video if you like to show what I mean

Yeah, let’s see what’s happening.

When I upgraded, the space interval I set before was not maintained and I had to reset the space setting of a lot of images.

Ah Ok, I’ve not experienced this before. I guess when frameworks change etc, then sometimes things are unavoidable. I find with Blocs, that it’s very flexible, that’s the power of it, there is more than one way to skin a cat. So maybe some of the methods you use could be why some users don’t see the same things happening ?