Responsive behaviour Carousel. [SOLVED]


We would like to have the Carousel fill out the screen vertically on mobile, and the captions to center.

The same way as here where we are only using background.

What would be the best way to do this please?

Not sure I get the idea behind your thinking. If you mean you want to create a full width carousel on your desktop site, this can be done. However, its ability to fill the screen will depend on the aspect ratio of the images in the carousel.

In your second example, I don’t actually see a carousel, so not entirely sure what you want to do.

For general guidance, if you place a carousel on your desktop version of the site, it can be made to fit the full width of the browser with no space above or below by simply removing the padding of the bloc containing the carousel and setting the width option in the properties panel:

This will make the carousel fully responsive across all device sizes. However, as the width gets smaller, the height will also reduce proportionately to the aspect ratio of the images contained in the carousel.

To overcome this issue, you would have to create different carousels for each device breakpoint and change the aspect ratio of the images used to better suit the device screen you’re designing for, Each carousel can then be made visible or invisible at various breakpoints, simply add all the carousels to the desktop version in their own blocs. You would then hide the ones you don’t want displayed on each device by using the visibility options.

The caption alignment can be set using the alignment controls in the properties panel.

Hi we would like to have a code in css so the images in carrousel get cut left and right on mobile but fill the fullscreen block.

Just like the behavior here where no carrousel is used but just a full screen block with background.


Its hard to follow what you mean?

Are you suggesting for example that slide 1 and slide 2 stack on top of each other so you can see both fulling the screen?

Hi @Malachiman, I read it as:
The carousel pictures are generated to fit full screen desktop, and using the same pictures for mobile devices, a bit of code added to crop them left and right (for portrait views) or top and bottom (for landscape views.
So the carousel holder is always full screen, but images within are cropped to fill the space rather than left with space around.

I think.

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Thanks @TrevReav,


Try putting this in the page header

.carousel-item img{

To position the text, just use the alignment options @hendon52 mentions above.


Hi Malachiman,

Its great it works perfectly!

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