Return to plain text visibility

Even if you change “Toggle visibility” of “interraction” to “none”, you can’t return to plain text.I hope they don’t create such a poor function.It’s a simple character, but if there are a lot of characters. hard to fix.

Why not? :thinking:

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Thanks Mr.Jerry.
I was able to delete it with Command + Delete, as expected. However, I couldn’t delete it that way, so I created a duplicate page, removed the content, and recreated the page in plain text. I tried going back to the duplicated page I had saved, and after some time, I was able to delete the locked link with Command + Delete. Sometimes, things that couldn’t be done yesterday become possible after waiting for a while. Does Blocs have a specification where it changes or updates something once opened, resulting in an updated version?

You can also right click and select clear formatting. That resets the text elements inner formatting.