Reviews bloc that scroll

Hi, I created this review Bloc, how can I add 2 arrows to swipe to next review?

Edit: I tested this with toggle visibility, but how can I set that it have to slide to left or right?

Edit2: I have a 3 column row with ID “storia1” (1 column with left arrow, 2 column with paragraph and 3 row with right arrow) but when I click the left or right it show “storia2” but don’t hide “storia1”. How can I solve this?

Hi @theenrico, I would go for the carousel route and use a 0% opacity background picture. I did something similar earlier and replaced the standard arrows with FA icons as well. I’ll dig it up a bit later and will share.

@Eldar has made a nice video tutorial about it: Same technique you can use for the review.

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Hi @theenrico. As promised here you go:

The file: Review Carousel.bloc (729.3 KB)

Well, I’ve removed the manual coding part and used the bootstrap icon classes directly in the Blocs class editor. This way it’s much easier to adjust styling. Here you go with V2:
Review Carousel V2.bloc (727.5 KB)


@Jerry thanks! How can I add the yellow row like you did in the V2?

EDIT: I tested this method, but when I change breakpoint I have some problems, check the video:

You got all the classes there in the file. Just replicate.

Styling you can simply do yourself for each breakpoint. There’s no difference between a carousel and a regular paragraph/column.

I have to change the background image? Because the texts are ready for every breakpoint

You can adjust the background picture to your preferred size. That’s the beauty of Blocs. :grin:

EDIT: @Malachiman made some awesome videos about the carousel bric and how to customise. You can find all his tutorials on his youtube channel: