Roll back bootstrap and jquery to older version

I’m working on a site in blocs, but my developer has mentioned that we’re using a slightly older version of bootstrap 3.3.4 and jquery 1.9.1
I finished the project, and changed things over to those older versions, but for some reason the navigation no longer functions (dropdowns not showing up etc)
everything else seems ok except for the nav…

any idea how to fix?.. i’m not a great coder, but i can probably follow directions :slight_smile:

The developer must have some legacy code base they do not want to rewrite. :wink:

Generally it’s the other way around you want to use the latest versions, especially JQuery, as there can be security issues in older versions, and major speed boosts in newer versions. The latest Bootstrap is also generally preferred.

Blocs is actually a little behind with a few:

Blocs Uses:

Bootstrap v3.3.5
jQuery v2.1.0
Font Awesome 4.7.0
Ionicons, v2.0.0

  • Can’t tell versions with the other icons


Current Version:

Bootstrap v3.3.7
jQuery v3.1.1 (entire version jump)
Font Awesome 4.7.0
Ionicons v2.0.1

  • Can’t tell versions with the other icons


In regards to your problem it might be the JQuery and not the Bootstrap version.
What version of Blocs are you using (2.2 or 2.3 Beta) and which menu?

EDIT: Actually it looks like BootStrap 3.3.4 supports JQuery 1.9.1, so perhaps it’s Blocs JS which is then having issues backwards?

i was using the latest beta release 2.3.0 build 10

our developer asked me to roll the bootstrap back to bootstrap 3.3.4 and jquery 1.9.1
for some reason that’s messes up the code for the navigation…not sure why…
If i could get that working again, all would well…but i don’t know enough about code to fix it…
works fine when i don’t roll things back …but as soon as i drop in the older versions it breaks…
if I knew what to change in the code, it’d be a real life saver…

for the menu, i’m just creating a basic horizontal nav with a dropdown

logo Toggle navigation

Well if your “developer” can’t be bothered to look into the problem or address it, then perhaps the next viable option may be to institute “JQuery Migrate” <-- Google it. Or find a new developer. :wink: