Safari - dynamic area content is loading twice

Since my last Website uploads (I’m using blocs 2.5.2) the content of my dynamic area is loading twice in Safari! Anyone else with the same problem?

Yes I have noticed that that a headline on one of the pages on my test site bounces in twice when viewed in Safari, but is okay with Chrome and Firefox. I suspect it is an Apple problem, as this also happens on my iPad and iPhone.

Are you having this problem with animated text? I believe it’s a problem with Safari that Norm is well aware of and the only workaround at present is to utilise the preloader. I actually tried this on one website, but decided I didn’t like seeing a spinning wheel between page loads, so I’m just having to live with it at present knowing it’s fine on other browsers.

I do not know what problems @Phil is having, but for me it was definitely animated text with a “bounce in” setting. So I switched this off on most pages.

Yes, you are both right! If I turn off the animated text I do not have the problem in safari!
Thanks for the help :sunglasses:

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Yes, thats correct its a global Safari Mac, iOS problem and its not only the dynamic part. I believe its been like this since the beginning of time since version 2. Lets hope @Norm can address this nasty bug in the next build.

It’s still there :roll_eyes:
I want my animated text back :yum: