Same CMS wrapper for multiple pages

Hi all,

I am using October CMS with Blocs and want to set up a sidebar that’s editable in the CMS. Can I have one editable area and then use it for all pages on the website? So that I make a content change once in CMS and it’s reflected on all pages of the website?

Right now, when I name the CMS wrapper with the same ID in multiple pages, those id’s are becoming id-1, id-2, etc. So I have to edit those areas separately in the CMS.

Thank you.

Yes, without knowing exactly how you have this setup, or your work flow. I would make this a partial and add it to your page layout.

I usually make the theme in Blocs, export then reorganise everything to suit.

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Hey, thank you for the suggestion. Seems to me that this might work for me.

So you would create a website in Blocs, export it and create a partial in October CMS? Is there anything I can read to learn more about this technique?

Mainly the docs on OctoberCMS main site.

I really just developed my own workflow (well its evolving).

I approach it that my design is in Blocs, but I am creating the content in OctoberCMS.

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That just screams for a video course :wink:


Its in the pile :rofl: