Scaling text


Need text to responsively scale up/down with widow width.

Seems like it should be trivial. But can’t figure out how to get Blocs to do it.



Since CSS3 we’ve had these viewport size units: vw, vh, vmin. These allow you to scale anything including a font size based on the viewports’ width or height. ex.

5vw = 5% of the viewports width.

But lucky for you there’s a custom bric that does exactly what you want and more. :wink:


Thanks downloaded it. But I get an error when trying the demo


Haven’t seen this reported before. before I take a look can you tell me which version of Blocs for Mac you are using? Thanks.


latest version. 3.2.4


I guess a view more brics from the store are effected since the rearrangement of the core js to the footer since version 3.2.3.


Moving the JS to the footer shouldn’t affect my brics. My JS is in external files attached using the API. Are you having this issue as well @pixelwork ?


Just thoughts because I have the issue with other brics.
No, I haven´t installed yours yet.


Any thoughts. When I use the brick in the carousel, it doesn’t work until your resize the window


I take it that the initial issue is resolved. I was never able to duplicate it.

As for the carousel, I haven’t tried it with elements in the Carousel, it’s possible it works there but also possible that it doesn’t work great there.

The first try change the way the bric calculates the resize:

Change “get width” setting and see if that helps. I’ll find some time to look into it.