Scroll controlled animation


I have a sequence of 36 images and would like to create an animation controlled by scrolling (or something else…).
It can be a movie or the sequence, but I want the person to able to control the speed of the animation.
Does anyone have an idea how to proceed ?

Thank you !!

You can use them as a parallax background, but you will need 36 blocs one below each other
check this test. I only used 18 tiny images. (843.9 KB)

Hi @chicuelo! thank you, not a bad idea, I will give it a try but Im not sure how it is going to look with a bigger image, as we can see the next photo coming up unfortunately

If the image is bigger, better, so you have only one image on the screen. Check the blocstemplates site, there is a section with a laptop where different screens are changing while you scroll, if you set a full height you will only have one image and achieve that effect

It will work ok on the desktop but Blocs thinks the iPad is a desktop and there is no parallax on the tablet. So what you will end up with on the iPad is showing all the blocs that made the scrolling effect.


Yes, I saw it on Eldar templates, but you will still see the new image coming up while you scroll down.
If I could do something like what’s on the iMac Pro page, that would be awesome !

Hello, we are also looking for this feature.

Here’s a guide below on how to do it outside of blocs, but it would be great if this would be built in Blocs App. If this would be possible, then Blocs animation capabilities would be more than enough not to need Tumult Hype anymore.

This is also possible through custom bricks, perhaps somebody can figure it out and share with all of us.

We really hope Blocs team would look into this. We greatly appreciate your efforts and awesome service.


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Nice find @PierreF,