Scroll FX & Animation

Hi @Norm & gang!

The one thing I would love to see is just a few small additions to both the Scroll FX and Animation, on things I used to use a lot and still use the scroll FX extras, but to have this native in Blocs would put the final polish on this !

Scroll FX
I will love to see an option when its scrolled in that we can select thats its an animate once option.

I would like something added on like we have on the scroll FX with delay & resistance on when the animation starts. If I have a large height image and I want this to animate in, I need to have the whole image come into screen before it actions, where I would like this to slide in when it’s a 1/4-1/2 into the image

Hope some slight advancements could assist.

Thanks !

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Your breakpoint request was a pretty viable wish also. :wink:


Yeah - I think it needs a little love given to it…it’s on the verge of being brilliant!..the hard work has been done, just needs to be tuned!

I feel that I need to make a website to fit the effects…where the effects should be adjusted to fit the website.

I am hoping these changes and making things responsive is possible by @Norm in Blocs

An option to set when animations should start as you scroll - 20px, 100px, 800px etc.

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Any scroll effects based on a background with layer options or interactions outside of what Blocs offers would definitely bring it to a whole new level. Fingers crossed it’s happneing sometime in the near future.

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