Scroll to target (bloc xy) - Beta 14

Navigation with using scroll to target works very well in every Browsers desktop mode.
The very beginning of each bloc is properly shown.
But switching to responsive (resizing to mobile or tablet) the visitor is landing in the middle of the bloc.

Using this function as an anchor especially with the focus on mobile devices is not very convenient.

Bug? Or are there suggestions?

Thanks Kili

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I’ll take a look at this.

On a side note, I do my best to track bugs on the forum but they are easily missed, I’d recommend sending bugs with the inapp bug reporter as I never miss those. They get right under my nose and are more likely to be fixed faster.

I have this logged now, but if you don’t get a response in the forum post the bug inapp.

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I am experiencing the exact issue on my site I scrolls to the middle of the bloc,I have a onepage scrolling site,some blocs have a lot of content but each has a title,would it be better if I made the title of each page the target and scroll to that instead of scrolling to the bloc ?

I have the same problem with my scroll to target navigation since the update to version 2.4 !

Funny thing is, that the problem does not appear in the preview mode? …Only when the website is live!

I’m still working on a fix for this!

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I think it has something to do with the “Enable Lazy Loading” option.
I experienced the same problem with some sites, then I disable the Lazy Loading option when exported and the “Scroll To” targeting operated properly then.

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Jap…I’ve noticed that, too.
But I definitely need the Lazy Loading option for my sites :slight_smile:

By the way…
Is there a way to eliminate the short appearing white preview pictures in the galleries while Lazy Loading is enabled ( average picture size 1,5 MB) ?

ah ha! that is very useful information! Ok thats why that is not working, Im not sure if there is a way around as it defeats the point of lazy loading if you need to load all images to get their heights in order to correct the calculation!

Okay…May be this could be the answer why some of my blocs are jumping up and down by themselves?

Same problem here. When using links to anchors, (./index.html#anchor), the page is loaded but jumps to the wrong position.

After switching off the option for lazy loading, it works fine.

Still having this problem on the latest version and lazy loading is turned off.

Hello everybody

As I see, the problem has not yet been solved? For me, this error occurs in the mobile version. The target goes too far. lazy loading I have disabled.

Here is the link to test:

I also have this problem on mobile devices in Blocs 3.3

Lazy loading is what is causing the scroll to targets to not scroll to the right position. When I turn off lazy loading it works fine.