Scroll to target not working

Hi @Norm , I always had “scroll to target”-buttons on my site - now they don´t seem to work anymore … (Sonoma / BLOCS 5.1.5). I´ve got no clue what to do … If you don´t mind having a look at this page: Club der Dichter

The "Januar-Februar-März-Buttons should scroll to the first 3 blocs …
Thanks …

Just an FYI…I have scroll to target buttons on my site, and they still work.
Monterey/Blocs 5.1.5

Rich the Weather Guy

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There is a hint that because the url gets just a # placed on it, that the javascript for the scroll to is not running, as the default behaviour of following the href is happening, and this suggests you either have no javascript file or a javascript error.

Which you do have (an error)

For diagnosing issues, it’s best not to have javascript ect set to combine on export. It makes it way more difficult.

It looks like you are using the Search bric from the Blocs Store, but it can not find the searchFeild element on the page.

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Thank you. I’ll change this export-option for javascript and try again. Concering the Search bric: I really didi have this problem before - the bric couldn’t find any results after updating V1 to V2 … After changing my export options to combine javascript the Search was working again. But now I´ve got this problem with the “scroll to target” option … and I just discovered, that my “tab anything pro-bric” isn´t working either …

@PeteSharp After changing the export option now everything seems to work fine! Thanx again!


Yeah. Combine all can be problematic