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I am having a problem with scroll to target and have been since I bought he app in 2015, I am making a new one page scrolling website and have one bloc with with 4 Divs and inside these divs are 3 columns brics, it just won’t link properly to the next bloc inline and lands half way through, is there a limit on how much info can be put into a single bloc for a one page scrolling website to function properly ? or is this a bug ? I have checked the padding but cannot get any result, if some one would be kind to help it would be very much appreciated, I have also taken on board what @hendon52 and @Carl have said, perhaps one page scrolling websites are limited to just a certain dimension ?



Hm i have already worked with on page scroll page and it works fine.

I didn’t worked with divs. Just added row one behind others.
Each row has his own id. And from menu there is a link to that scroll target.

Check this one how i did. Maybe it helps you.

hi @rusmir i had a look at your site, very nice indeed, but you have limited content in each bloc so it would run smoothly , the site I am working on is content heavy as it is for a music festival with artists, workshops and galleries, videos all my blocs have their own id’s also but what i am trying to figure out is why it won’t line up like fig one when the links are pressed, i may have to scrap the one page scrolling format as it is not working for me and that is a bloody shame, unfortunately I have raised this question when I first started blocs 2015, but had no success in help even after sending my file in. This is a new site for the festival and I thought maybe i could achieve what I wanted to do by updating the app, anyway I will persevere for a day or two before dumping it.

Thank you for your input :slightly_smiling_face:

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As far as I know, you can only scroll to blocs not to divs or rows etc.

@Bootsie yep scrolling to the bloc I named with the id tag workshops not to divs,rows…
It’s a bummer but I am not familiar with bootstrap so I don’t know the score with how much content you can put into a bloc on a scrolling one page site for it to work.

You can create a link to every part of your page by gining even a row or a text bric an ID.
It´s more like a jump than scrolling, but works fine.
Going to a target on the same page you choose gnavigate to URL an put your ID - #ID.
Going to another page on your website projext just ty in the full URL + the ID - https://your-domain/#ID

Quiet convenient :slight_smile:

@pixelwork I have tried that, the issue i am having is that I think the blocs contents are too much and it just freezes the navigation ?even though everything is in one block, it is not correctly landing on the page after like I show in my screenshots, so basically this is what i think,for one page scrolling websites, scrolling navigation only works efficiently within the boundaries of the set bootstrap blocs dimensions and if you make that block bigger by adding more content the navigation can’t handle it, I might be doing something wrong this is why I ask questions to make sure, I made a test site with just empty pre-made blocs and they work fine when scrolling to target, but if i had a gallery that has more rows it just won’t scroll to the target id set in the navigation, pity really as I like the one page scrolling, I guess I will have to make a multi page site instead :weary:

I have set a slim Bloc above the “cabin sections” on my newest page. That brings the headline with the numbers in a good position, of course I hade to fiddle a bit with the padding of the Bloc and “none” worked best for me.

Hope you find your way to acheive your idea.

@pixelwork Its a bummer, tried everything, going to try and replicate it in muse.

Sorry, I am not familiar with Adobes´Muse.

me neither :joy: but the chap wants the site a one page scrolling, so I have to find a way, tried all sorts, and I have come to the conclusion it can’t be done, mainly because I have made loads of sample sites to test and if you add anything that makes the bloc bigger than its dimensions it totally messes up the navigation, but I thank you very much for your input.

@Norm Hi Norm, would you happen to have a solution for my predicament ? or could you perhaps tell me if there is a particular size limit on a blocs content for one page scrolling sites made with blocs ?
Thank you in advance :relaxed::blush:


did you try turning lazy loading off? this effects the scroll calculations if its used on big images, as when the scroll calc is inputed the image isn’t loaded, and when it scroll into view it gets loaded and the page height changes.

I did Norm,I just can’t suss it out :blush:

Did it improve the problem when you removed the lazy load?

Are you finding this is only effect mobile sites?

desktop, tablet and mobile, I am going to clear every thing out and start a new one tomorrow and see what happens, all I had so far was the navbar,about bloc, artist bloc and workshop bloc, the artist bloc required 12 artists so I tried all combinations in the blocs and brics department to try and make it work and this is the bloc that is troublesome, I want to clear it out so I can be assured there isn’t any conflict, but i have alopecia developing now :joy:

and I started the site with lazy load turned off, sorry just seen that post.

Snap, I look like uncle fester.

@Norm is there a limit on how much content I can put in a bloc for especially a one page scrolling site,could that be the reason it’s not linking,it is a strange one indeed and I have had this issue since I bought blocs with other sites I made,so I had to change the format and layout,I was hoping there was a custom bric that I could have used to achieve this particular action,I have tried all the suggestions but it still don’t work,the chap wants the artists pic and title a little bio and web link in each bloc,but it don’t even work with just a H3 title in each bloc,I will see if I can get a screen recorder to show what I mean and post that.