Scroll to top button (change color)

hello forum friends, anybody has an idea why I can’t change Colors with the .scrolltotop class. When deleting the class and making up my own class (creating a class called scrollToTop) it also seems not possible to make any color changes.
Funny effect is that the chevron arrow switches color in mobile view to white color.

blocs version 2.4.5 seems like a bug. Anybody has a solution?

Which version did you use for the actual class? .scrolltotop will not work. The .scrollToTop should work.


I used the available class .scrolltotop that is available in the classes menu
And I tried manually .scrollToTop but both make no effect/changes in blocs 2.4.5

.scrollToTop will change automaticly into .scrolltotop as no capitals are alowed in the class manager.
It´s a confirmed bug since a while but no fixes as 2.5 seems to be the only pampered baby.

Hum. it shows the capitals in several places.


works well with 2.4.3 but 2.4.5 doesn´t do subclass right

Well that’s funny the screen shot is from a Blocs project 2.4.5?


You are right, it wil work this way:

1 choose submenu .scrollToTop
2 in your classes it will be shown as .scrolltotop
3 open class .scrolltotop and change Name to .scrollToTop (what you have originally choosen)

A bit strange and funny hey isn´t it? :wink:

Hey, I’m glad it worked. I went through the same thing.


Great - thank you for these super tips! With the change it worked!!!
Just again its only the mobil view affected. No color changes in tablet and Desktop mode. How to change this?

Should work on all three breakpoints. Click on the three different views at the top and then in each view make sure the class in enabled.


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If you want to change colours on the scroll to top button you can add the class .btn-d in Blocs 2.4.5.

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thanks a bunch for all your help guys!

This is a bug it’ll be fixed in next beta.

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Ok this is fixed in build 7.