Scrutiny bundle deal

A quick heads up that you can grab a phenomenal bargain on Scrutiny at the moment at for $8. It normally costs $115 and it’s an amazing tool for web designers to help with troubleshooting and SEO etc.

You can read more about Scrutiny here and the developer Shiela Dixon is super helpful. I’ve used Integrity Pro in the past for spotting errors, sitemaps & spell checking etc, so grabbing Scrutiny for $8 is a no brainer if you are building websites. It’s arguably the best product of its kind.


Thank you very much for this information. I just downloaded the trial version a few days ago and today bought 2 licenses!

You certainly made a very respectable saving there if you purchased two licenses.

Yes, indeed :grinning: I’ll invest it in another Blocs license soon and in upcoming Brics. Apart from that I like Eldar’s tutorial videos very much and I spent a few $ on his video tutorial services. I really want to get deeper into Blocs and have an alternative workbench for web design besides Rapdweaver.

You should let her know about BlocsApp, she uses EverWeb and her sites are not responsive. :wink:

I’m also in the process of ditching Rapidweaver and moving over to Blocs. I think there are quite a few of us.

I’ve discussed the website with her previously and mentioned Blocs, though I didn’t know it was done with EverWeb. I think she is very dedicated software developer and doesn’t perhaps have time to keep on top of the website as she would like. The apps are excellent though and regularly updated.