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WAH!!! Please include this on 2.4 I want to capability so badly :frowning: Long due request hehe… I saw this and posted it here before, is there anyway to add this function on Blocs App. I’m not a coder or developer just a designer so I don’t know how to implement this… haha. @Norm

I wish I had time to. Unfortunately I’ll be spending the next month just getting whats in 2.4 already working correctly.

@mackyangeles & @JDW

For those whom don’t wish to implement it themselves or the other frameworks also mentioned above, the Free & Opensource - Tipuesearch, is now available as a $15 Custom Bric integrated into Blocs by @Lucas posted about here in its own thread.

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I did a quick test and tutorial with/for TipueSearch a year ago.


I don’t want take light away from any custom bric but for those who want to add TipuSearch manually here’s the tutorial.

Tutorial for Blocs

Cheers / Johny

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Beggars can’t be choosy. Then again this is $15, so we aren’t beggars and so I shall proceed to give my honest review of it.

It’s better than nothing. However, it’s not great. I tried searching for “head” on that DEMO site and it came up with no results, even though on the About page you will find the word “heading.” I also tried searching for “jaz” but no results appeared, even though the word jazzy appears on the top page.

This is very important. Why? Because I’ve been using site search for YEARS on my Freeway sites, and I can tell you that most people do not take time to type in complete words and sometimes they misspell too. But that’s not a problem for Google Custom Search (which is what I use now in my Freeway sites), nor was it an issue years ago when I used Atomz Search.

All said, if TipueSearch improves it’s search, I would consider it worth the asking price. Again, it is better than nothing, and it may serve some people well. But until it is intelligent enough to put 2-and-2 together and figure out that a search for “jaz” should should show all pages in the site where the word “jazzy” appears, it’s an incomplete search feature.


@Lucas has just released his amazing Search Bric as mentioned in this thread:

It takes care of everything so you don’t need to waste your time trying to integrate TipueSearch. Looks like a great time saver to me.

If you want search it’s a shortcut to get it into your Blocs site :slight_smile:

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You appear to be talking about something different from the DEMO mentioned above, but you didn’t comment on how well the Search feature you suggest works. As I said, the DEMO page search above doesn’t work if you don’t spell the word precisely as is used in the site, which will limit the usefulness of the search. Does the alternative search you recommend do that?

Do you have a link to a DEMO for us to try ourselves?


Hi @JDW , you’re right it doesn’t 't seem to be able to search unless you write the full word.
I’ve never used this myself, it was just an old test to see how it could be implemented into Blocs.
And i agree, a site search should be able to search partially typed words.


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Obviously @Lucas read the comments here when seeing he liked @pulsecms comment above.

It looks like his custom bric has since been updateed, implementing misspellings via the “tipuesearch_replace” for misspelled searches. I didn’t look to see if either is implemented but there is also “tipuesearch_stem” and the “wholeWords” boolean, along with various other options/features available via tipuesearch.

I would suggest you instead post your feedback and suggestions in that custom bric thread, if its something you are possibly interested in using or wish to see improved further in ways.

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Yep I noticed here on the comments about the replace feature that indeed was missing from my custom bric. Stemming will also be added in a future update.

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