New bric - Search


Search is a static site search bric made for small to medium websites. It’s responsive and fast. Search doesn’t need a database like MySQL or similar. It doesn’t even need a web server.

It can be previewed locally from Blocs to a browser and the results can be shown on the same page or on a separate results page within the project.

Video - Getting started

Search bric also comes bundled with the Renew project, a ready-to-use project for a maintenance industry (all assets are included).

Preview Search bric and Renew project:

Purchase link:

Search bar
Search bar
Search bar
Search bar blocs 2.5 or higher

@Lucas do you have a Promo for this hehe :wink:


No promo, but thanks for asking :grinning:


Luca – Your work is excellent! Great design, great details, great videos. Makes my hopeful for the future of blocs.


Thanks @DanielF appreciate your kind words :grinning:


New version 1.1 released today, including replace words. This was something missing from the previous release and it’s used to replace frequently misspelled searches on your site.

I’ve already implemented just a few items at the demo: try typing tol instead of tools or hamer instead of hammer, plie instead of plier or dew instead of dewalt etc.

It goes without saying that an unlimited number of replace words can be added, so to make your search engine as intelligent as possible.

Demo here (refresh the page):

Enjoy :grinning:

Search bar

Does anyone have another demo page out there that doesn’t restrict our test searches so severely? I would like to be able to type any word that appears in the site and see how well it is detected by search, using whole, partial and misspelled variants. I can test using Lucas’ demo site, but only for the specific “tool” that seem to be preprogrammed into the search feature.



Since this is for static sites there is no database, the way it works is different than you expect.

You will create the content through the plugin. Add a title, short description, image (optional) and link. These items get searched. Anything not added through the plugin does not get searched. It wouldn’t pick up on random words on the page. The are entered through the plugin.


try typing hamer instead of hammer, plie instead of plier or dew instead of dewalt.

Exactly, whereas n the Search bric the list is created in the sidebar just like I demonstrated in the video.


Hi Lucas,
I checked your search engine bric…looks cool and price is not bad
I would like to know for which version of Blocs is made…2.5 and higher?


Yep 2.5 and higher, plus it works in Blocs 3 as well :wink:


:+1: awesome, thanks