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I was just wondering what some of the forum members are using for SEO. Wordpress has some plugins and just curous what Blocs users are doing? I know things have and are changing for ranking sites.


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If we’re talking about Google, It is not an exact science as their algorithms are a closely guarded secret. But you can start here: SEO Starter Guide: The Basics | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers

My experience is that your site will rank well if your content is up to par (who, what, where, why, etc.). This applies to not only your copy, but also metadata and naming of site elements as well. Of course this is an art to some degree and not a science, but the above document will get you started.

But promoting your site is important as well. The more sites that link to your site, the better your rankings will get if everything else is up to snuff. Twitter (yeech), FaceBook (even more yeech), G+, YouTube, and various forums and blogs that discuss information related to your site’s content are places you want to link to your site. Without being obnoxious, engaging in conversation and providing links to helpful information* to the topics being discussed is a good way to get started.

Exchanging links with others on related sites is another way, but you will encounter more resistance with this method.

*Helpful information: If your site is just a sales pitch, and you really aren’t offering up anything much of value (reviews, tips, how tos), you’ll have an uphill battle with your rankings… especially if you’re in a field where big boys play. The bottom line here is that Google is smart enough to be able to discern over time if your site has value that amounts to more than a sales pitch.

For instance: if you’re selling automotive services, put up an FAQ section, and maintenance schedules and tips for the non-mechanically inclined, and even “how to” tips and instructional videos for minor repairs for the DIYs. Or even tips on winter driving, towing, hauling, etc. Sharing your (hopefully valuable) knowledge with the internet community will go a long way to getting links to your site, and validation of your content.


I’ve read some of Google’s SEO guide. A lot of information. I do agree with you on good content and social media can really help. It used to be keywords and matching content were king but things have changed.

Thank you for talking the time to give a lot of good tips.


Keywords are indeed useless, but page descriptions are not.

One thing more… If you’re like me you will have a lot of clients that are either too busy or too lazy to promote their site. They’ll have plenty of excuses, and a mindset that if the site isn’t bringing new customers it is your fault. Nothing much you can do about that unless they’re willing to pay you to do it (good luck). But I remember a site for a local golf course I redesigned a while back.

Their existing site was almost non-existent. We added a lot more content and organization to the site, and the GM that was there at the time was very proactive; doing things like creating a series of well done and concise golf instruction videos, and putting up web cams to view weather conditions. Within a year we were seeing top rankings and an extraordinary amount of traffic (tens of thousands of page requests monthly, by thousands of distinct hosts).

So content is king, and having something of real value will start the snowball rolling down the mountain without having to post to social media. Timely content and mailing lists will help even more, provided someone has the interest to update things regularly.

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Hi Guys, I just made a quick video on sep basics in blocs. Basically as people have said above if the site is being updated as much as possible with new content then that is the best thing that you can do as google sees that your site is actively posting. Blocs 3.0 SEO Tutorial - YouTube


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