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As of today, in March 2019, something appears broken because I get no search results even when searching for known-good words like “strapline”. Try it yourself here:

A great tutorial, thanks. But I have one question before I dive in. Please open your tutorial and scroll down to the section that says “Open the ”tipuesearch_set.js” in Brackets…” You say we need to manually type in all the pages we want searched into “var tipuesearch_pages”. But say I have a huge website with dozens upon dozens of pages. Typing in all those direct links is quite annoying and time consuming. Can we use wildcards like the following?*.html

Even if such wildcards are accepted, it would still be a fair amount of work because I have html pages in several levels of nested folders in my existing sites – sites which I’m thinking about redesigning in Blocs to make them responsive.

This is why I’ve wanted to find a way to more easily implement Google Custom Search in Blocs, since it finds all the pages in the domain and indexes them automatically, including linked media like PDFs. You can see how I’ve implemented Google Custom Search in one of my non-responsive websites (built in Freeway) here (note the search field in the bottom left corner):

I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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Hello @mackyangeles I don’t if this is solved or not…
But @Lucas have a bric and I use it and it works…
If you want to give it a try…