Second version of my personal website

Hey guys,

I have decided to release the first version of my new personal website as a template. So, to keep the design of my main website original, I have build another version of it.

Let me know what you think.

New version
Old version


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Looking good!

…but I think I prefer the old version.



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Hey Paul, thanks for the feedback!

Don’t be sorry, I think I like the older version as well, but I have already decided to give it away, so I guess I will have to continue improving the second version! :slight_smile:

Apart from color scheme, animations and sliced borders, what do you think is better in the first version compared to second one?

@Eldar, nice! I like the newer one better myself.

It’s going to be really nice for those looking to learn more about Blocs. I’ve watched your videos and they are really helpful.

Great job!


Thanks Casey,

I just updated it again using Blocs 2.4 beta!
As for courses, I can’t wait to help other people create beautiful websites with Blocs!


Eldar, I think the reason I prefer the first version better is that it feels more connected to you as an individual than the new site. I also feel that the colour has been knocked back so much in the second version that the delineation of the sections is weaker - my feeling is that all parts of the site feel like they are in the same place (despite the colour changes between pages/sections).

It’s probably just me!


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