Seems overly difficult to control basic colors of form?

I have a basic form to collect name, email, message. It’s on a dark background. Blocs seems to insist on using grey text. I’m 100% sure the client is going to complain about visibility. How do I fix it? Blocs 4.1.1.

Hey @mistergreen,

The Bootstrap’s default Form Field Class is .form-control. You can add that to your class manager and change ‘all’ form input fields’ Text Color, Background, etc, at once.
Alternatively, you can create a custom class and apply it to each field individually.

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Isiah Johnson

Thank-you. This has not fixed my issue, however I think it means I’m making some other error. I made a class, “.form-label”, and I can see it changing the text colour in real-time, but it’s like the entire page has a semi-transparent gray box over it (the form text is currently white in the style)


You should probably check if you have changed the visibility of the whole bloc.

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I’m assuming a class with the opacity changed would have to exist for that to happen? I went down the entire tree and checked every item and there was nothing like that. I also tried changing the z-index for the form, it’s row, and it’s column. This had no effect. Is there any other way I could have screwed that up?

Thinking that it was something to do with the background image, I tried to change it. I can’t. Nor can I change the background to a solid colour. Why is nothing working like it should?! I need to finish this job! Also, is there any way to “fool” blocs into opening this project with a previous version?

Delete the class you created and make another, tell the font to be any colour you want and apply this to every line. Keep it simple!

Thanks, all. I recreated the page, and everything worked as expected. I suspect nurgles were responsible.

We need a petition to officially introduce “Nurgles” into the English language! :grinning:

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