Selectors driving me crazy [solved]

OK i give up. I finally figured out that you can’t write rules with spaces in them directly in the sidebar. That information would have been valuable at the beginning. So now, how do I write a style which affects any paragraph with a style of .mail? I thought p mail. I tried p .mail. I tried giving the containing div a class, then targeting the p, then the mail class. What am i doing wrong?

I’ve discovered that just the simple mail class is acting on the things with that class, as it should be. I discovered this by setting the font to italics in the style. It changes in real-time. Great, but it refuses to change the font or font-size, which is why I made the style in the first place. Something is overriding it?

Another discovery. If i just use an H3, it works perfectly. I give the H3 the mail class. So why won’t it work on a paragraph? Is there something I don’t understand about paragraphs? Now, my problem with using a heading is- that’s not what they’re for, and I wanted to leave them alone for… headings. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious?

You need to clear the sidebar input for that text, it must have styling applied there too, this always overrides classes. Select the paragraph and click the little x button on right of the menu title in the sidebar., that will clear all settings so the class has full control.

You add classes with spaces via the class manager, you can’t via the sidebar input field as they are applied directly to the object and wouldn’t make sense.

yeah ok i see what you mean there. What’s happening in the background when you use the sidebar? Is it making styles, or is it writing inline styling?

Inline styling only occurs when style text with the sidebar options, however upon export this is then converted to a class.

thanks, I’m gradually understanding more about Blocs.

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