Self Hosted forms email is delivered with delay

Hi! I created my website with blocs but I’m having issues with the form bloc, soecially with the delivery of the email. They are being received but takes too long to get in my inbox.

My site is I hope anyone can help me! Thanks

Could be your mail server is busy and clogged up.

How can I check that part? The form sends the mails to my gmail account, but I’m not sure if this could be a problem of the host server or a Gmail problem.

I guess you could try changing the email it sends to and see if that helps at all. In theory an email sent to something@yourdomain should always arrive fastest, because it is viewed as local and routed instantly, whereas sending something to another host will always incur some delay.

I have two servers and if I send an email to an address on the same server messages come through in half a second. If I send to the other server it takes about a minute, even though they are in the same data centre. N.B if your mail routed through an external host like office 365 that can cause delays as well.

All email servers probably suffer some performance issues with congestion at times. The problem is when it is constant.

Sending to and from gmail addresses can sometimes be slow - depends on traffic at the time the email is sent. Personally, if you have a domain, you would be better off creating a domain-specific email address and using that for your form delivery. It is also a more professional option. If you are using gmail as you primary form of communication with your clients, it looks a bit amateurish to be using a free public-domain email service.

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I’d actually suggest taking the e-mail header code (of the received message) and running it through This should give you a fairly accurate idea where the delay is being caused. Could be something as common as greylisting or overselling on the hosting server.


That’s a great tool @brechtryckaert. Thanks for sharing.

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I use that link regularly to discover MX settings for clients when building them sites that will be hosted on my server, however maintain email on an external service like Office 365.

The published MX records can be copied to the zone editor on my server and you have a seamless transition when changing the name servers without having the client change anything. Best of all it uses fewer resources on my server. It’s purely coincidental that this then enables me to make more money :innocent:

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Another good reason to be hosting client sites

If you are building static small to medium sized Blocs sites for clients they occupy very little in terms of CPU resources and space requirements. You could probably have hundreds of sites on a single shared reseller package with no problems. The killer is when you have a single client with email taking up several gigabytes of space and even worse if they want to set up unlimited email accounts.

I know a web designer who builds sites for peanuts (almost free) but then charges pretty high for monthly maintenance and hosting, while being really tight on the amount of space they can use for email. That’s where he makes the money.

Sending to Gmail from a 3rd party app takes more times, even forever, spams algo are very selective in that case. You have the opportunity to select an option in your Gmail account for letting go this trafic open.

Thanks for your answers! I’m migrating my domain to a hosting provider because this was giving me headaches! But yeah, having my email will give me a more professional look and better handling for my clients website.

The issue was an email certification on gmail, a DKIM certification that I didn’t know how to apply.