Sell your project


as a newbie with this program I would like to ask. Is it possible to sell your made web page to another person? How he/she will edit sold page without “Blocs” program? Or it should be sold with page domain?

Thank you for your time.

In many respects, creating a website in blocs is no different to creating a website in any other application - your clients will simply not have the original application to make the changes as you would. However, they do have the option of downloading the finished website and handing it over to another developer to make any future changes they may require. All the files are standard HTML, CSS and JS. Blocs is an application that allows you to create the website visually and then have it output to these standard website file formats. You can make unlimited websites in Blocs and you are free to sell the finished sites to your clients.

Very few clients want the ability to change the design and functionality of their websites - if they did, they wouldn’t hire a website developer to create if for them in the first place. The more common requirement is the ability to change or edit the content of their sites periodically (images and text). This can be provided to your clients by incorporating one of the supported CMS system. These will create editable areas of the web pages which your client can edit through an administration area of their website. Of course, this will mean the client having to purchase the CMS solution as well as pay you to make the site. But, if that’s what the client wants, then that is what they will have to pay for.


Thank you for your time and clear answer!