SEO - Blocs vs Rapidweaver/Stacks


I´m currently using Rapidweaver (Source, Foundry3 and Foundation 6) and the SEO part of the sites I made has been very successful and in my opinion one of the most important parts of the website in general.

This is one of the main reasons why I hesitate to use something else. It´s insane how much customers I get from my current workflow.

However. It is becoming more and more difficult since every stacks developer has its own interface and their own way of handling things. I am necessarily not making a complete switch but intend to use both apps.

So…My questions.

Has anyone who used both rapideaver and Blocs and noticed any differens between the two apps in terms of Google ranking?

Is the built in SEO features in Blocs enough. I use different stacks in rapidweaver for this purpose today.

Is there a Bric for extended SEO features?

@webdeersign I bought some templates from you and you write in your blog about ranking and site speed. What is your opinion?



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Hi @Hovstadius

Welcome to Blocs!
I might not be the most knowledgeable person to give huge knowledge on SEO between the 2, but I can give my knowledge on the 2.

I was also a huge rapidweaver user back in the day and got frustrated by the broken connection Rapidweaver, Stacks Plugin, Stacks, foundation etc…when one got updated then I had to wait for a stacks update and so on. I spent more time finding work arounds that actually building.

Since moving to Blocs it’s been a breath of fresh air with my world flow and google ranking has been fine to be fair with some of the websites I have built for clients.
Yes there are a HUGE amount of stacks and some very good ones but Blocs has a lot under the hood from the word go and some great brics that our developers have created that have been requested from users here.

Blocs Plus has a built in SEO helper, which to be fair I have not really used but I am sure if anyone here uses it could assist on more information.

There are a lot of users of both who would be more suited for your answers: @webdeersign as mentioned, @Flashman , @Jannis are some to start with.

Good luck


Right now Blocs has support for the following SEO features built in.

Page specific SEO settings - More Info

Social Cards - More Info

Custom page URLs - More Info.

Clean Page URLs - More Info

Site Map Generation - More Info

SEO Helper (Blocs Plus) - More Info

Container Tags - More Info

Hopefully you’ll find everything you need is already present in Blocs.

I hope this helps :sunglasses:


Content is king. I also think in both applications you have enough available settings in order to tune SEO in a good way. As @Norm mentioned, Blocs is already good prepared :wink:

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Both have all the tools you need. As Jannis said “Content is King” and this is so true and important. Follow Google’s advice.

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I do spend a lot of time on content. That might be the main reason the sites are doing well…