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I hope blocs can indicates if the page meets the minimum requirements of best SEO practices
like Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress.

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I don’t think so. Because non of existing apps can make a good analysis. You need a real SEO specialist for this purpose.

If not done,this is a first thing first ) :

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Honestly, calling a specialist for SEO is like people calling for a coach.
There are no secrets or hidden stuff to get well indexed. Atleast you don"t need that.

Best practises.
your HTML page is 50% of the job if you follow conventions avoiding “img1.jpg” or complicated urls, etc etc. Your code has to be clean in HTML. A 2mg file can be faster than a 1mg broken-classes file .
Obviously 404 & 500 pages, unstructured pages, bad syntax & poor practises result in slowness…

Mobile friendly.
That’s not that easy even though we are privilieged using Blocs but there’s nothing you can’t do by yourself to get the responsivness of nowdays. Also, stick to Google for verification because sometimes emulators on browsers are wrong. Happens. Even if not, we’re under Google control so -> . Go there for that, not for an hosting lol. killing.

Security & deployment.
How your site is deployed matter. It’s easy to find great providers even if it takes times to learn about DNS or hosting management. As long as you are not in a really high trafic

That’s all. In few words: speed, responsivness, quality, good practises.

I’m at 100% SEO everytime with my sites. I use backend tools also, so i can say on Blocs it’s ok or not. But as long as you don’t handle heavy databases or such, it’s feasible.
I never do a “sitemap” or that kind of things because i don’t manage hundreds of pages. These bots are smart enough, if your site is clean you don’t need a map !

You just need to be a bit rigorous & searching for technical answers by analysing your pages with mesurements tools. All free but it can be tedious.

Look, I’m still working on the last one, one month & already performant enough. cheers.perfs

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Simple and Clear Information

Ok and what about the others ranking factors? Im sorry but comparing a Seo specialist with a coach is like comparing a doctor with a bus driver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Amazing performance your page though :slight_smile:

You’re right. that comparison is meaningless :no_mouth: