SEO Keywords formatting

Hi there

I’m a noob refugee from the dreadful Everweb and battering the learning curve trying to get a new website up in short order. I suspect I might be asking a lot of questions :grimacing:

How do I format SEO Keywords please? Do I just separate with commas? Can someone show me an example please?

Best wishes, Aaron

Welcome to Blocs and the Forum @Highlander.

Yes input and separate with commas in the Page Settings.


Again welcome to Blocs, what was overwhelmingly dreadful about the other app?

In theory you would you use commas, but in practice keywords serve no useful purpose at all for SEO in 2019. Google ignores them and I gather Bing looks at them as a spamming signal. Descriptions, page names and page content are more important.

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Well dreadful is perhaps too strong a word for Everweb. Old fashioned, clunky, buggy and inflexible are better descriptions.

Thanks for the tip on the keywords Flashman, I will be sure to leave that box blank.

Thanks for the rapid response, A

This thinking and response has been discussed extensively throughout the Blocs forum by many.

However the keyword input remains part of the Blocs app. So maybe its time for @norm to finally provide his thoughts on the topic and why the inclusion in the app remains? I’m sure the general debate will continue to rage onward by many across the web even into the future none the less.

Well welcome to Blocs, I hope it meets your expectations.

Keywords have been redundant for 10 years now… This was published by Google in September 2009.

So your point is that @norm was wrong to include them from the onset of building Blocs app? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do hope this input option will remain for evver.
Got huge ranking succes at bing.
Also put effort in alt text of pics.
No one knows how google wil proceed in future - and google might be the current leader, but there are limits even there.
Keep on trying your best ranking with all tools guys

I’ll let Norm answer for himself. If I put myself in the shoes of a developer I’d probably be thinking it was easier just to leave the keyword field to avoid rants from people who have no idea about SEO.

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And those whom think they do, the flame war is ever present across the web.

Thats fair enough but if Google tells you something is pointless for SEO, chances are it is probably right.

Well, it might look the whole world is just about Google…
Well - it´s not!
One have no idea of how many people have set duckduckgo as preferred search engine. Dispite the Us - there is a lot :+1:
So lets have all options @Norm give us to play around

OK well here is another opinion from Yoast who create the well know SEO plugin.

Experts abound, recommendations abound, standards abound, yet conflicting results still abound and remain regarding SEO success and will probably remain a fickle thing indefinitely regardless of it all.

You may notice I have not declared anything either way, I was simply answering the original inquiry about keyword input in the app. When you provided your input I just questioned if @norm should finally resolve this ongoing discussion regarding his app and this inclusion in the app.

That’s fine and I don’t disagree, but if Bing, Yahoo and Google are all saying keywords are waste of time I figure there is no harm in letting somebody know. Another argument against keywords is that it tells your competition your marketing strategy.

Great, I read the article also a while ago.
But still I prefer to have the option, because the use makes still an impact - only todeay we should use keywords carefuly and not spamy.
ONE to Three of your main Keywords and not more in the metas - otherwise they will be outed as spam.
Makes sence to me…

I think we’ve understood that you prefer to keep keywords.

Sorry bothering

I don’t want to sound pedantic or critical. If you want to use keywords that is fine, but these days it is quite likely to backfire and if users are not even aware of these changes, chances are they will spend a lot of time damaging their search ranking. I remember when people would use white text on a white background, thinking they were clever than Google.

If you want to talk about more positive steps for SEO I’d like to see an easy implementation of structured data.

So have you provided a #feature-request for its removal to @norm, starting with Blocs 1 and each subsequent version until now? I wonder why it remains in Blocs app given your evidence of being noncompliant by todays standards?