SEO Sitemap XML

just checked the SEO rank of a project and see there is no sitemap listed.
Was thinking Blocs creates one.

Exported complete project with minified Html and css.

Am I missing something?

Do you have the domain name populated in project settings?

I need to do that and than check again. Thanks

Is there a way to preset language settings as well?

I have now tried the origial index (main of domain) and the folder one where the ste is placed.

funny… I can see the sitemap file in the FTP on the server but any SEO tool doesn´t recognize it.

Odd, it’s very basic markup. It may be a cache issue, I’m not totaly sure as some bots take time to crawl the site when it’s live.

I used a few online tools an they recognized changes in the order of headings and other recommendations I have done after each new test - except sitemap.

I tried in the project settings with the main domain and domain/folderofproject and tested again those two variations with the tools.

I am testing Blocs 2.4b4 right now. I built a simple 2-page site and filled out the Page Title and SEO fields on both pages, and then I exported. I went through all the folders exported but I do not see a file named “sitemap.xml”.

I fully understand there are free online tools that generate sitemap.xml, but having such built into the web design tool is a big help. Right now I use SoftPress Freeway Pro 7 and I use the SiteMapper action to auto-generate “sitemap.xml” for me. I set the frequency and other settings once in the Action settings, and then after that I don’t do anything. I just Publish and the xml file gets uploaded. I think Blocs needs the same.


Blocs does have this function build in :smiley:
you just need to put your web adresss in your project settings, if there is NO address there will be NO sitemap exported, if there is a web address filled in, blocs will export a sitemap.xml as well

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Thank you for the tip!

I just tried it. I now see the xml file. However, it seems incomplete. I have a 2-page test site built in Blocs 2.4b4, with a single link on the top page linking to the second page, and there is a link on the second page linking back to the top page. Despite that, all that is contained in sitemap.xml is the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns=""></urlset>

I would like an option to turn off the sitemap upload in Blocs, since I use Integrity Plus for that. I understand the bit about filling in the web address, but it’s not intuitive that this will affect the sitemap upload.

I’ll take a look, this may be a bug.

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This was a bug and its now fixed and ready for build 6.

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I am using Blocs to develop my site and have exported the sitemap as a .xml file (thanks for the tip above on adding the domain name in the Project Settings), but I’m not sure why the Google Search Console asks that it be added at the end of a URL, i.e.: http://[insert_website_name_here].com/________________

How do I take the .xml I was able to export and satisfy the Search Console?

Thank you!

I see that this was not answered…In Google Webmaster Tools now called Search Console.
Go to the sitemap link in the index on left side
Enter the address of the XML sitemap on your site. Generally Google should see it within a few minutes it ahs nothing to do with indexing. That will take a while. How long depends on a number of different things.
But your sitemap should be there in the Search Console almost immediately.
It looks to me after reading through some of the SEO posts …There is some dire need of education here on SEO.
The KEYWORD Meta Tag is not used and hasn’t been for years. Bing might actually bump you down a bit for using it. The exception (not for SEO) can be for website search functions but even that function is limited.
So can the tutorials and mentions of KEYWORD META TAGS.
Now using keywords that people search for with in your page content is a whole different thing. :))