SEO Title and Apostrophes

How does one use an apostrophe as part of the SEO Title?

The page title creates a physical url and certain characters will cause problems in web browsers. I haven’t tried it, but this may help with your question

Ultimately, you would have to test this to see if it works with the SEO title in Blocs.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I previously tried that and it only displays the “%27” character sequence where I wanted the apostrophe.

@JayWalker can you send me the title you want to use, I think I have a solution.

For exemple if you want to have:

Jay’s Walker Home Page

You need to write:


Sorry. Wasn’t monitoring the topic as I’d basically decided to give up and use manually entered text instead of using page duplicated “data” entries. Currently have 4 apostrophe titles out of a little over 100 pages: “Zorro’s Fighting Legion,” Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars," “Dick Tracy’s G-Men,” and “Zorro’s Black Whip.”

Tried inserting text you recommended as depicted above. This was the result:

Considered a more elegant approach would be to try and use custom attributes to pass strings representing a display page title, video URL, and poster image URL to a generic display page and do away with over a hundred separate individual display pages. (Am using Tabbed Accordion entries to select a button or image that triggers playback of a particular video file.) Unfortunately, could find no concrete instructions/examples of how/when a custom attribute value is assigned or how to access the value once assigned. E.g., would clicking on a button auto-assign a value to custom attributes assigned to the button or would I need to create an on-click function for each button? And, if auto-assigned within the app to a custom attribute upon clicking, is it accessed byName, byID, or something else and is the named custom attribute referred to with or without the “data-” prefix. (I.e., like many here I am not a programmer and require specific, concrete examples to tie together coding instructions or online programming references with their underlying concepts.)

In the meantime, i think I’ll see if modals might be another alternative if they don’t complicate loading of the index page.

Curiouser and curiouser. While converting tabbed-accordion indeces for use with modals to replace separate dedicated target display pages, I located two more SEO Title entries containing apostrophes. Strangely enough, both of these displayed correctly in associated page headings but their use appeared to corrupt the page data base and I could not delete these pages from the project until the apostrophes were removed from the page settings window.

Really like the use of tabbed-accordions to index modal viewing of videos but accidentally corrupted my project during initial testing yesterday. Finally gave up trying to fix the corruption and restored an earlier version of the project. Plan to save the restored project under two separate names and test page indexing of tabbed-accordion-modals in 40-70 item range to see how it affects page/modal loading. Unfortunately, this approach means I have to manually store poster images since Blocs does not store assets not otherwise actively used in a project bric/bloc.

Hi @JayWalker

Have you tried escaping the single quote like this?: Bill\'s

BINGO! We have a winner. This does seem to work for correct page display and does not corrupt page database/prevent page deletion while apostrophe is in use. However, have already converted and deleted about 40 pages employing SEO Title as opposed to Modal H3 Text titles so I think I’ll complete this series of tests before making any final decisions. Thanks for the assist. Good to learn something new even if I opt not to use it at this time.