Separate Navigation Themes?

Design wise, I’d love to be able to have two separate navigation themes on my website: one for the landing page, and then a separate one for all interior pages. Mostly this is because of image and color choices on the site. I’ve been using the “dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu” class feature and thus I’m not sure of two similar classes can be created and associated with different navs within a site.



Hello @blocman94 if I understand your question, I think you can create the navigation theme for all interior pages in the “Top Global Area” so all will be the same, but for the home page go to the Page Settings, and unselect “Top Global Area” so in this case you create the different navigation in the dynamic area, and it only affects that specific page.

Hi @Pelco. Yes that works but the values of that navigation via the class I describe gets applied to all used on the site. I’m trying to find a way where I can have the name logical navigation, organizationally speaking, while changing the drop down shares and hover colors of the interior nav to match one design theme, and the landing page, to make another.

I found a good workaround with the one nav I have. Thanks again for the feedback.