Set images and text individually via WordPress


Is it possible to change the individual images of the members and their names next to the image via WordPress? I am building a theme for a local club and when the theme is ready, I want to assign images and names only via WordPress. After a period the names and images change and then I do not want to have to adjust the theme again via Blocs but via WordPress directly.

Hi @zinksa

Have you been through the Blocs Academy videos for WP?

You could create a custom post type (“members”) for this.

This will allow you to manage those members from within WordPress.


Hi @Malachiman

Yes, I have watched all the tutorials. Awesome videos that you have produced there!

Topics like the Custom Data Manager are very specific, I understand that. However, I would like to see a video tutorial or something similar.
The article in the knowledge base still leaves some questions open for me. For example, whether I use custom posts or custom fields. Mentally, I would like to have the name, picture, and tasks in the team to each person as data and create the view with the help of the member template. According to my understanding, I need a custom post for this. However, here too the question of what exactly and in what form I should create in the WordPress backend.

Forgive me for asking so many questions :grimacing:

Not me. Like everyone else here, I’m just a volunteer. The “developer” tags on our names refers to developing 3rd party brics for blocs.

From memory, the videos assume you are familiar with WP to begin with.