Settings for a new site

Greetings to all, I am working on a new website that you can see in the following link Serendipity

Most of the site is already finished, I would like if someone knows or has done it, help me or advise me how to change the menu icon, so that it goes from:


to an “X” when the menu is active? I tried with master class but icons overlap each other when they are active

Someone also knows how to change the input type of the input menu animation, instead of vertical, it was horizontal, I have an image for the menu when it is active, I would like to soften the entry of that menu with the image. Does anyone have any idea how to do it?

Any comment on the site is received in good taste, greetings to all.

Beautiful site!
Loading time was slow. I know it’s not on my end because my speed is 1 GB per second.
Also, if the site was suppose to translate it did not do it. I opened it in newest Chrome.