Shift+Click (group edit)

Is it possible or impossible any future version of Blocs will make it possible to mark/edit more than one “part” at a time, for example hold down SHIFT and press click, click, click, click (apple standard) on different parts and then change the parameters for all those “parts” (block) just once? It’s so very, very exhausting to click, edit, click, edit, click, edit, click, edit one part at a time. It’s so 90’s :wink:

Or did I miss this function being somewhere else (a different key combination)? Please help.

Also, CMD+C (copy) and CMD+V etc, (copy + paste) is that also impossible in all future versions of Blocs?


So 90’s? I thought the 90’s were type type type as we build ancsi based bulletin boards :rofl::rofl: (ok very early 90s).

I take it your using the freehand tools a lot?? You can be smart about how you setup you custom classes and limit the amount of work you do. planning goes a long way too.

Who knows what the future holds, you can also add it to the wish list for blocs. There is a category here in the forum for that.

My “90’s” comment was inspired from here (when choosing the bric library in Blocs) “Hey, just noticed you entered Drop Mode. Now forget about all that dragging and dropping, that’s so 90s. Just move the mouse over the areas you want to place Brics and click to add them when you see the blue drop marker.” :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure I know what “the freehand tools” is. My apologies if I have chosen the incorrect part of this forum for this topic.

It may be that you need to create a custom class, setting that up correctly, then just applying that class in the required places. That way all elements using that custom class will respond to any future changes in the class.