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I have just been contacted by a potential local client who would like to revamp a couple of existing websites. They also need some photography done, which I can manage.

Although the websites are just a few pages each, the person who called said they want the option to carry out updates themselves, which essentially means using a CMS.

I think this would be a nice project to do with Blocs and possibly using Pulse CMS to create the templates for them. Having never used Pulse I wanted to show them a working example of the login process and how updates can be made. Is there a demo somewhere I can show them?

Any other advice would also be much appreciated.

EDIT: OK I’ve just found the demo project at but I cannot make head nor tail of it at the moment.

On a broader subject I have the Pulse stacks for Rapidweaver, but I’ve never tried using them. I’m just curious to know what would make Blocs a better solution for using Pulse?

@Flashman Blocs lets you manage and style your content a lot easier than in RW. Making a pulse theme in Blocs is really easy.

• Create project.
• In Project Settings set CMS to Pulse.
• Right click the objects you want editable via the CMS and wrap them in a Pulse block.
• Export > Pulse CMS template.

This video sums up how simple it is:

@pulsecms should be able to chime in here regarding the backend and how it works, it’s pretty user friendly even for none tech types.


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The RW Pulse stacks work great, but their function is to allow a user to change content on a specific page using the PulseCMS system. In Blocs terms, to recreate the same functionality, you would need a Pulse text bric and assign it a Pulse Bloch ID and a filename.txt containing the text. Similar thing would be needed for the Images to be pulled out of the PulseCMS Media folder. (You could bypass this a bit by using the URL of a image in a Pulse media folder).

I am not sure if a Pulse text Bric exists or whether that is a child of a Pulse Block Bric.

Norm - RW doesn’t create Pulse templates.

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Luckily I now have until Monday morning until I see the client, so I have a little time to run some tests and do some research in advance. I’ve wanted to look into this previously, but it’s always been pushed back by other tasks on the infamous “to do” list that never seems to get any shorter.

I tried to join the Pulse forum early, but for some reason the confirmation email has never arrived.

In Blocs any content can be wrapped in a Pulse Bloc. The only thing that’s unsupported is the carousel from pulse, but that will change soon.

I’m not familiar with what RW creates, so Pulse data is loaded via an iframe or somthing onto a static site?

Hi @Flashman! Have activated your forum account on the Pulse forums, sorry about that and hope the meeting went well.

I think the advantage of Blocs integration as @webdeersign says is that you are free to design and export Pulse templates. Essentially with Blocs the whole content and template files that Pulse needs are generated. So you certainly have a lot more control that way.

And as @Norm says the Pulse admin UI should be easy enough for clients to handle. It’s responsive too so if they just want to use their phones that’s no problem.

Any questions about the admin UI let us know here or on the Pulse forums.

Good luck with the projects and I think Blocs + Pulse could be a great match for client work requiring a CMS. Thanks for trying it out.


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I am still unable to login to the Pulse forum. I tried again just now, but there was a message saying that it needed to be activated and an email would be sent. Nothing has arrived.

Very simply, I received a request to quote for a new job last night and they want the work done with WordPress, which I don’t use, but I wanted to check if this could be done with Pulse before I reply. The requirements from the potential customer were very specific.

You’re activated and have been since Feb 2nd … will send you a DM :slight_smile:

In the end I was able to join the forum, but only by using a different username and email address. This time the activation email came through immediately.

It’s impossible to sign in with that original username/email combination and just says it will send the activation email every time, but it never arrives.

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OK - not sure what happened - but see you with the new login / username :slight_smile: