SHOW/HIDE reset! Add class to an element once the visibility_toogle is activated

I have 4 row with three products each, and the 3 blocs containing the descriptions for every row hidden on loading.
By using the visibility_toggle i click on the first product and the corresponding description is expanded.
Now i need to add a specific class once this bloc is made visible, in order to be able to click (for instance) on product number 11 and be able to close the description previously expanded and to display only the corresponding description.
I think is doable with an if/else cycle but haven’t figured out yet how to do it in blocs.

You don’t need to add another class, but you will need to write some JavaScript to add some logic to the toggle.

may you help me a little further ? :smirk:

I let here the page with the problem:

I managed to do it in JS as you mentioned, with a " onclick" function…
but il seems as if the first click is needed to activate the function and only from the second click on the visibility ON/OFF works properly… Any Idea why?

show an example, you can implement