Showing completely different images? [solved]

What does one do if, on export, gallery links are showing incorrect images?

Check they are correct in Blocs, if not update them. If they are, try exporting to a new location and not over an old east save project.

Okay so my gallery is still broken. It’s not final, i’ve put off finishing until i can get it working properly. I’ve saved it to the desktop instead of the work folder (several times), and it’s still showing different images on a few of them, the first one for example. Saved to the server too- below is link.

Which version of Blocs are you using? I had a similar issue in earlier version where if I changed a pic in a gallery the original image would display when clicked or in lightbox no matter how many times I refreshed the image or removed the asset - I thought 2.3 fixed this.

They are “correct” in Blocs, that is to say the pic in the sidebar matches the thumb. But 90% of the thumbs are bringing up the wrong project assets. One pic it’s bringing up (the first under saskatoon) is not in the assets, not even on my computer. And now, after completely redoing this page from scratch, it is bringing up the wrong images for even more of them. Not a single one from saskatoon or victoria are working. Interestingly, all the st.Johns ones work, and those are ones i never worked with before at all. This site is supposed to go live on the 2nd, why is everything so glitchy?

here’s the link:

Have you renamed or changed the location of any of the images during the course of building this site?

Are you storing assets on your he or on USB sticks, Dropbox or iCloud?

Somthing is breaking the images links, how many images do you have in the project?

I have about 30 images. And yes almost all have been renamed (they had completely non-descriptive names from the clients). No usb, or cloud saves. I was going to ask about workflow- I don’t understand because Blocs wants to write a new folder on export right? It seems to make things a little cumbersome. But where is Blocs caching this info? Particularly the one image which doesn’t exist anymore. It was unneeded and deleted. If you tell me an exact workflow, i’ll do it. What i have been doing is naming the export folders “citiesinsync27a”, “citiesinsync27b” etc… i figured at least i’d have backups.

would it fix the issue if i used urls instead of “local”? And would that break local previewing?

ok so i looked at the gallery html in sublime- it’s just completely wrong. Blocs isn’t revising that, at least not properly. The html is doing exactly what it’s supposed to, which bears no resemblance to what’s in Blocs.

ah, is Blocs looking at the original folder, where i started the project? That rogue image actually is still in there. So it’s a workflow issue. Should i take the files from the latest revision (now on my desktop), and replace all the files at the origin folder? But then how is it finding the new images I put in one of the revision folders? :confused:

OK all the project files are in the original folder (with the .bloc file). Everything is good, but now i need to somehow force Blocs to rewrite the gallery html file. :question:

I’m actualy in the process of writing a knowledge base post on this, it’s almost ready but I’ll try an explain.

Ok, so Blocs doesn’t embed asset files into the project, it uses the paths to the original copy on your HD and when you export, Blocs then creates the duplicate of the asset file into the export folder. Now if that path changes outside of Blocs it will break the path causing the asset to appear to be missing. Changing names, directory names etc will cause this.

A good way to work that keeps every together is to create a directory called images and place all your assets into this. Now place the actual Blocs project file on the same level as the images directory (not inside the directory but side by side), when this project is open, Blocs will know to look for any missing assets in this directory and reconnect them up for you.

If you have renamed assets during the design process it’s very likely to cause all the problems, if at the time you reconnected the missing assets using the asset manager there may well be an underlying issue that happens when you replace a file with a one with a diff file name, I’ll need to test that,but anything is possible.

As a rule of thumb I also have images web optimised and named correctly prior to using them in Blocs, you may have done this. It’s the workflow I recommend for web design in general.

Should I delete everything out of the asset manager in Blocs, then re-add and relink everything? I totally agree with your workflow as far as prepping everything in advance, but this is the worst sort of job- site by committee with managers from 3 different cities. And of course they think that if they give me everything at different times, change their minds, and wait until the last minute to give me assets, there’s some magic button i can press to get everything organized. Plus it doesn’t help that i’m trying to learn new software. :anger:

Before you do anything, I’d back up your project in it’s current state. The slowly work your way through each image, try replacing it with a built in image, then remove the problematic asset from the assets, set its name outside the app and then re-add and apply.

I’ll be hosest the asset manager is the oldest part of Blocs and it’s replacement is on its way, so this is an area I’m actively working on improving.

Hope that helps.

Just remember, backup :sunglasses:

I removed the assets and filled the gallery with built-in assets. It’s still bringing up the same old (really wrong now) images. None of the associated images i want are in the asset manager. If i delete the gallery.html page while Blocs is open, then save, will it recreate it? I’m at a loss.

or maybe just delete the page from the .blocs document, then delete the gallery.html file in the project folder, then redo the page completely? Still faster than beating a dead horse, or manually fixing the html.

So i backed everything up, then deleted the gallery html file. Then I did a new gallery page from square one. Everything went perfectly, until I decided to change one of the pictures. It did the wrong pic thing again. However, since everything else was working, and I had just done it, i took a really close look at everything, and found the problem! (one of them anyway) Blocs toggles to alternate image rather than current image if you do that. So that’s how, after a few changes, you end up with a seemingly baffling result to what you were expecting. If you don’t notice, it will switch to alternate image and than stick on that image no matter how many times you change it or clear the assets. Seems like a bug to me, though sort of not now that i know about that unexpected behaviour. Anyway, my gallery is working, now I just have to figure out how to make it “not lightbox” on mobile. I will ask in a new topic.

I’ve logged this and will try to replicate it to see if it’s a bug.

This sounds like the issue I was having back in October…

That bug was fixed in 2.3.0 but somthing may still be lingering in a pre-made Bloc or Bric.