Shrink Nav Logo when Scolling

I need to know if it is possible to create an effect with a logo shrinking/changing when scrolling down the page?

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Do you mean a sticky nav or gradually shrinking at any breakpoint?

@apswoodwork This would be the best why to explain it:

Like this?
This was made in Blocs easy enough.

The nav uses a class .sticky on the nav when it sticks, combine that with navbar-brand img and you should be able to target and adjust with a custom class.

Add a class (.sticky .navbar-brand img) via the class manager (keep spaces) then set the width and height via the class editor.

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.sticky .navbar-brand img
Is it accurate custom class name I have to add?
And where exectly should I apply that custom class? Apply to the nav bloc?

Already roger that by myself :grin: Thanks, Norm!

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