Side scrolling div

Looking to create a side-scrolling product area - not a js carousel but a plain css overflow-scroll div. Like this: Dropbox - side - Simplify your life

Feel like im almost there with this but cant quite work it out (would be much easier if I could just dive into the real css from within blocs! or can I and I’m missing something?)

any thoughts?

Hi @lewis

Take a look at Guide To Getting Help

It’s hard to know what you got, where you’re stuck and what you need help with.
Can you post a link to the page or zipped project.


Same here! I wanted to know how to do this kindda of effect. A help will do or a tutorial :slight_smile:

alas I dont have anything to show - im trying to get the function you can see in the video but dont know the right way of using the tools in blocs to achieve it.

this stack overflow article is exactly what I want to achieve but obvs cant as unable to actually poke around in the css precisely: html - CSS horizontal scroll - Stack Overflow

Are you talking about something like this:

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Tutorial please :slight_smile:

hey! Yeah thats the sort of thing.

I actually sorta managed to do it in a hacky way. Heres how I did it:

(i’l try and post this video but last time I did this I was blocked from the forum so fingers crossed you guys can see it!)

Wah! Can’t play the video :frowning:


I have created a sample bloc file to show how I did it.

Thank you so much you really helped)

Hey. I’m looking for the same solution but with addition of snap scrolling and indicators.
Something similar to this but not in full screen mode: