Guide To Getting Help


Hey, welcome to the forum, it’s very likely you will post here asking for help from the Blocs community at some point in the future. We have lots of super talented Blocs users who will help you out if they can, in order to get your answers fast we recommend you read this guide before you post your questions.

Before You Post Please Do The Following First :innocent:
• Search the Blocs Knowledge Base for more info on your problem.
• Search this forum as your problem may have already been answered.

I Still Need Answers So I’m Going To Post My Question :fearful:
No problem, if you still need answers then please follow the guide below to make sure you make your problem as clear as possible to the community.

• Include Screen Shots.
• Include steps to replicate the issue.
• Include as much detail as you can about the problem.
• Include your Blocs version number and whether you are using a Beta Build.
• Please be patient.

I Found A Bug :scream:
If you require customer support, or think you have found a bug that requires our attention, you can contact us directly via the Blocs application using the contact window, which can be found under the main menu - Help > Contact Customer Support.

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Great :slight_smile:

Another tip is to use the free Monosnap screenshot/screen recorder.
Just sign up for a free account and you can record small videos, upload them to their servers (from within the app) and post the link to the video or image. It’s very helpful seeing how or when something happens to understand how to help.