Silicon Template [Update: Now Available]

Silicon Valley is known for having one of the most attractive markets for tech startups as well as the most notable companies we use today so I created this new template called ‘SIlicon’ inspired by these startup groups.

Single Page Preview
Multi-page Preview

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Let me know if there are any major bugs or things I need to improve on. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: SIlicon Template is now available for purchase at $15. Purchase includes SIngle and Mult-page Bloc Projects, BEX Bloc Files, Stock Photos, and Exported HTML.

UPDATE: All Content/References to Eldar’s Apartment Template has been removed. New Blog and Team Blocs Redesigns. Addressed issue with Multi-Page link not working due to Server .htaccess issue

Beautiful , now thats a template! makes eldars look like kids play lol. How can I download?

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I appreciate the compliment but really I have @Eldar to thank for his tutorials. I plan to release the full template (both single, multi, and separate Blocs) by Saturday.


Very nicely done. :smile:

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Template is now available for purchase. Thanks for the feedback both here and through emails

You may want to check those links.

Hi Isiah,

Congratulations with the release of your template!

I didn’t say it earlier, because you said in your previous post that you will change that, but please do not reuse/resell parts of my template’s design in your templates. I can see that you are using some blocs, brics, images, and classes from various templates of mine. You even left my Facebook URL on one of the icons you have used from Apartment template.

I don’t place a lot of limitations on usage of my templates (just like you), but I do ask not to resell them in any form.



That’s really disrespectful of @Eldar. He has done more for Blocs users for free than anyone. If you follow the tread you’ll see this template uses content Eldar created.

This does not even work when I click on the links?

I wouldn’t pay a penny for a template from him.



Hi Eldar,

I meant no disrespect. I will go through the template and remove all remainders of your template blocs.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

Isiah Johnson

I’ll check out those links when I redo the blog and Team blocs
Update: Fixed

As I said before, I meant no disrespect to Eldar. I learned Blocs from his Tutorials. It was never my intention to steal anything from him.
I’m primary a developer that looks at the source code of many websites before I start with my own.

I understand what you are saying, we all look at other websites for inspiration. That said, looking at another site and creating a similar design using Blocs from scratch is one thing, directly using something someone else has taken the time to create is just plain wrong.

If you’re a developer, why take someones else work, just be original! Good Luck.


All content/References to Eldar’s Apartment Template has been removed. New Blog and Team Blocs Redesigned. Addressed issue with Multi-Page link not working

I really don’t see anything better in this template than in Eldar’s. It looks more a copy/paste of the original !

References to the Apartment Template have been removed but I can’t help that the basic styling looks similar to hundreds of other bootstrap templates. A lot of my design decisions came from this example:
I am working on a new Photography-based template that’s going to look drastically different from my other templates and client sites. I appreciate the feedback from this template and hope my next one more satisfying

Just “removing references” to somebody else’s work, doesn’t make it your work… If you are going to sell templates, don’t copy, create.


I’ve removed the entire affecting blocs and remade it in my own layout, classes, and images. There should be nothing on the template that came directly from the pre-made blocs of Eldar’s Templates.

Very disrespectful from that cableguy30 dude. From his posts here, it can be seen he is not up to par with the rest of the community here.

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You are more than welcome to critique my work but as far as the original issue, it has been resolved. I apologized to Eldar both on here and privately, made the necessary changes to ensure all work on this project is genuinely made from scratch blocs, and I invite any and all community members to bring their concerns to my attention regarding this template as well as others.
I do hope that everyone continues to remain respectful of each other.


Come on guys, I do think he made a huge error. He is a young guy who has a huge passion for web design and Blocs.

I know @Eldar was upset and rightly so, his work is his right, and that must be protected.

Lesson has been learnt, let’s stop digging this up. If anything this will spur him on to produce from scratch now and prove what he can do.

There was a post earlier today about the death of blocs…and I 100% agree with users comments that Blocs is still HUGE and has a massive part to play with us all. And I for one would like to say @TMRJIJ is trying to bring something to the table and lets welcome this as not many people are in terms of templates and brics, and if this carries on we will push another user to another platform…

I post a lot on here and visit this forum at least 5 times a day for inspiration, to read for the forum and help with the issues I come against and the help is BRILLIANT!!!
It’s not a massive forum, its quite a tight unit with the regular 15-25 faces - with this in mind, lets move on…keep the negativity out, he did wrong, he corrected, he said sorry…lets wait for the next project of his.