Simple Mail Transfer Protocol :-)

Since Blocs mail form (php) is not working, I tried to follow the @Jerry and others to set up smtp.

host, (what do I put in this area?)


Password: email account’s password.

Incoming Server: (I am thinking this is the Host mentioned in the Blocs setup)

Which Port incoming or outgoing in the Blocs settings?

  • Incoming Port: 995

  • Outgoing SMTP Port: 465| (Blocs does not allow this in the settings)

Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Blocs does not allow this in the settings, even though the Host says it is required) Not sure what do here.

Incoming is not relevant for form sending email.
For sending with the builtin, I believe you need either port 587, 2525 or 25, as encryption is set to/hardcoded to STARTTLS. For 465, you’d need to change the script to use SMTPS (unless newer Blocs automates this).
It’s a question of what your email provider supports, and about what your webhost allows on outbound firewall.

Thanks for getting back to me. They use 465 for outgoing.
host, (what do I put in this area? )

465 uses legacy SSL, so I think you need to modify the phpmailer script to use SMTPS.
(Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

Host: The hostname of your SMTP server …