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I must be missing something really obvious here, but how can I have a simple navigation bloc without a logo or company name?

Even if I delete the graphic or make the size 0 pixels a message pops up when I next start Blocs, saying the item is missing. Presumably this will also show up as a missing item when published. I really just want simple options for page menus positioned centre, left or right with no other graphics.

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Why not make your own navigation? There’s no compunction to use the ready built ones.

If you do want to use the existing ones, you can always make a single pixel or a transparent graphic, and maybe even a space will do for the company name…

From limited testing, making my own navigation didn’t look good or break down to show a burger menu for mobile. There doesn’t appear to be a menu bric of the kind found in the navigation bloc that can be easily used.

Regarding the transparent logo I tried that once and the outline remained visible on the page. It seems like a strange assumption that we will automatically want a logo or company name with a navigation menu.

…err OK…

Just use a mobile - specific bloc with a hamburger.

I’ve never heard of a mobile specific bloc before, but in the time it’s taking to work this out I could have built a site in Rapidweaver and Rapidweaver is really slow.

This is the fundamental strong point of blocsapp (and bootstrap/responsive sites) - being able to adapt to form factors according to the device width.

There are little icons in blocsapp where you can switch between desktop, tablet and mobile views. Similarly, you can select an element and in the attributes panel you’ll see those same icons and you can turn the visibility of that element on and off for a specific form factor.

Designers just don’t design one site and it fits all form factors. A mobile site will often have different content to a desktop site (usually a reduced content on a mobile site, or diferrent visuals/presentation).

For the navigation, create one bloc that is visible in desktop and tablet only and another bloc that is visible in mobile only.

This technique is not blocsapp-specific.

We can all say that about any software that we are familiar with versus software we aren’t very familiar with.

For the navigation issue, the blocsapp navigation panels do the heavy lifting for you. Blocsapp is built on bootstrap, so if you stray off the supplied path then a little more work is required. It’s the same for all software, and life in general.


I am perfectly familiar with the concept of responsive web design and work regularly with Foundation in Rapidweaver.

I’m also familiar with the concept of visibility, though these days I tend to use server side implementations, so that content is not merely hidden, but actively blocked from downloading, except for appropriate devices. It makes websites faster loading, especially in cases where images or video is involved.

In Foundation I choose one menu with the freedom to decide how the menu should behave at different breakpoints, but as standard it would go to the three bar burger menu for mobile. Sometimes I use the burger for desktop as well as a design choice. There seems to be a lot of messing about here to obtain a simple menu in Blocs without a logo or company name. A simple menu bric would be helpful.

Not sure if I understand what problem you’re having. I’m new to using Blocs, but I can select a Navigation Bric and delete the logo or Company Name without an issue. I have saved the project, closed Blocs, restarted Blocs, and opened the project without getting any message. It view v’s OK, I exported the site and opened with MAMP and code looks fine.

How did you delete the Logo?
I selected the logo (or heading) it’s an anchor tag <a> and hit cmd+backspace(delete)

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Well that makes life easier… That’s all I really needed to do without any messing around creating two navigation blocs and fiddling around with visibility. I still have the missing logo warning when opening the project next time though.

If you simply select the item and hit the backspace button like in Rapidweaver with stacks or indeed other Mac apps, nothing happens in Blocs. If you first make that graphic 0 pixels and right click, no menu with a delete option appears either.

At one point I tried making the logo zero pixels, but ended up with a missing icon shown on the published page. When I tried adding a single pixel transparent graphic it showed up as a small square outline on the published page.

EDIT: I would add that trying to delete the logo when centrally placed above the menu seems to be remarkably fiddly. You first have to open up the padding.

I see you had similar issues as I am having.
Sometimes even the most simple things you would like to do takes a lot of fiddling. Time is money and sometimes frustrating when a faster more efficient way could be had.:grinning:

I’m getting on a lot better now with Blocs, but I did struggle quite a lot at the start as you can no doubt tell. I would recommend checking out the free videos at just to learn the basics. There is a paid course after that, which is worthwhile if you plan on continuing with Blocs.

It’s quite simple once you know where to look. It took me some time before I noticed a bin icon at the top-right of the interface. The attached illustration shows what you have to do.

When you reopen the project, you won’t be prompted for the missing asset.

That was a long time ago now and for whatever reason it wasn’t working properly. Now I just use the command + backspace key and it’s gone. The key problem when I started with Blocs was a crushing lack of documentation and even the forums had a much lower level of participation, so it took about a week to obtain that simple answer at the time.

I have deleted the logo with commands and do not ask for resources when reopening the project again.

I would also like to see more options for the menu bars or insert the menu in a brics already placed, or the option of not using the hamburger menu in mobile, etc. It would be interesting to see new options for the menu.

Yes I’ve watched many of those …I think they are good. Better than most other how to videos. They are short and to the point.
Design wise and accuracy wise a few things are off just a bit. SEO…there are no Keywords anymore. It is NOT important as stated. Not at all. Bing can actually knock you down for using the Keywords tag …It’s all over a Google help…don’t use it.
All of the templates menus are pretty much out of the box …But I guess they could be a time saver for some.
He appears to be a very good person. We are all spread around the world. :grinning: