Simple website with vertical navigation

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share the simple website I made with a vertical navigation.


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Very elegant site.
But it takes an awful lot of time to load it with Firefox anf the new browser CLIQZ.

It has a full screen of blank white space in mobile too, beautiful on desktop.

Same here.

+1😴 Took ages to load

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Uploaded the site again. Mobile version looks a little bit better now.
Loading times should be improved a little bit as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

Much faster with all browsers.

Well, the only thing I did was disabling of the preloader.

There is still a range of screen widths where the page is blank. I think those type of layouts need loads of media queries to scale the text, adjust padding and then go from desktop side menu to a mobile menu before things get too cramped. Works great on large screens.

I like it, good job :slight_smile:

This is odd! Is there anything large (file size )loading on the page to cause a slow down?

Lovely, Elder.
How do you use a single background image that goes through both blocs ?

Set the same image as a background for both blocs. Then enable the parallax effect on both.

Lovely ! Thanks

Is there a way to add text to each slide of the carrousel ?

Yes, you can add the caption. Just drop a text bric on placeholder in the middle of the image and put the text you want. You can arrange the position and styling of the text as well.

Ok ! Fine !
Can the text appear under the carousel ?
Well, I have many questions about this, sorry :slight_smile: Two more :

  • On the gallery page of your example, I added a text before the carousel and now, the content won’t fit on the page and a scroll vertical is needed to see the slideshow. Is there a way so that the carrousel adapt its length and height to fit the window ?
  • Can we have the second column with vertical scrollable content and menu that sticks where it is ?

Thanks !

Hi! I’m new to Blocs, just bought the app. I was trying to figure out how to make a vertical layout, so I was excited to find this.
But then, the URL is 404 by now …

I know how I would do it in CSS, but having a bit trouble getting conceptually how I can get Blocs to make a sidebar that never moves (not sure I’ll put the main menu there, I might like that sticky in the right/main body header.
Any hints/help? :slight_smile:

The URL is still 404 – perhaps this thread should be deleted since without the URL working it’s not helpful.


Sorry, for not updating the post.
The project was moved to other URL.