Single page site - scrolling to bloc - menu issues

Hello - and thanks in advance. I have read various threads and haven’t been able to find a clear way to do this.
I have a 1 page site at


  1. I want to have a hamburger style menu across ALL platforms
  2. I can get the menu dropdown to work - BUT - can only link to the “home” page
  3. I have classed blocks so I can scroll to them - but cant seem to get that “scroll to target” option in the menu manager
  4. If I dis-select “navigation” all of my menu list links disappear

Sorry if this has been asked - but as a rookie I’m stuck - and I appreciate your help!

Set your menu to none (not menu manager) scroll is not available in the regular nav menu. Once it’s set to none you’ll see the scroll to menu option.


OK - I understand what you mean - but where can i change this setting?

Check this video by Eldar. Very helpful.

Thank you - I think I will have to start over as I must be missing a step. Video is helpful.

To follow up - This worked very well… I started again and followed Eldar’s video closely. This was EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks guys!

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